Wolff counters Horner: “We are happy to go to court”


Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says he is “happy” to go to court if Red Bull Racing decides to file a protest against them. Max Verstappen’s formation suspects the Silver arrows namely that they too have been punishable in the scandal surrounding Racing Point.

The legality of Racing Point’s RP20 has been under discussion for some time. Ahead of the second race weekend in Great Britain, it became clear that the Silverstone formation had used illegal brakeducts copied from Mercedes. Racing Point faced a hefty penalty. For example, they received a fine of 400,000 euros and had to surrender 15 World Cup points. However, they are still allowed to use the illegal brakeducts during the rest of the season. Several teams have their doubts about this and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner also wants to know to what extent Mercedes as a supplier is guilty in this story.

Red Bull, which itself has two Formula 1 teams at its disposal, would like to know from the FIA ​​about the exchange of information and parts between two teams. If copying is allowed, then there are also opportunities here for AlphaTauri, which can then become a kind of second Red Bull. “Red Bull is clearly in a unique position, as we own 100 percent of two Grand Prix teams,” Horner said. RaceFans. “We have always strictly complied with the regulations, as the manufacturer’s rules within the last Concorde Agreement were very clear.”

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Horner wants to know from the FIA ​​what is “philosophically allowed and what is not” in the field of copying. They also want the role of Mercedes in the Racing Point story to be explored. “As for Mercedes, I’m sure there will be questions. Because if a team that receives it is found guilty, then the team that provided this information has also broken the rules. That’s something the FIA ​​should look into. Horner said.

Wolff is not shocked by the threat from Red Bull and says that they can go to the FIA ​​to file a protest. Mercedes is ready to appear in court, the Austrian team chief says. “Obviously, our reputation is very important. But it’s just intact. If someone thinks we’ve done something wrong, they should protest and we’re happy to go to court,” Wolff said.


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