Without saying a word: about the parting from Micha and Noble


Photo: Sports 5

The players received this with great surprise. (Alan Shiver)
The players received this with great surprise. (Alan Shiver) | Photo: Sports 5

The writing was on the wall, but now it has become official: Omar Atzili and Dor Micha are no longer Maccabi Tel Aviv players. Conversation, the club clarified for the first time that a decision was made that they will not continue in the team. It is not clear until now why Maccabi Tel Aviv chose not to make the announcement publicly for two weeks and waited with it, but the players have been aware of this for two weeks.

The decision was made by Mitch Goldhaar, who has not spoken to them directly to date, while his representative, Jack Angelidis, has also not spoken to them directly, but only to their agent. In fact, Micha and Noble have been cut off since the incident, when even an email from them sent to Mitch Goldhaar did not receive any reply or reference. The two have a contract for another season and are interested in compensation, but do not demand the full contract in full.

It is currently not known how the compensation will be carried out, with talks being held with Moran Meiri who is forwarding the messages to Jack Anglidis for approval. If the compensation is not appropriate, the parties may go to court or arbitration and this battle may still be ugly.

When the news from the club was announced, the players received it with great surprise. Those around them also stated that they do not remember a case where players are released without an indictment, without a conviction and when it is estimated that the case will be closed out of innocence. They also added that in the environment of Micha and Noble, it was appropriate to wait for the investigation to close and then to hear the whole story behind the scenes, even before a decision is made. Some even further criticized the move taken towards Dor Micha Spotty. “He’s been at the club for 20 years,” his entourage criticized, “the alienation and disregard for him was as if he had already been convicted of an offense, and that’s not the case.”

“The people closest to them, including some players, not necessarily from the team, were very angry at the conduct of Maccabi Tel Aviv.” “It is clear to everyone that both Atzili and Micha were hanged here in the town square without zero tolerance and recognition that there may be a other side here and we should wait. It is not certain that in this treatment of them, it might have been better for them to leave on their own initiative. ”

Will hope to reach a settlement. (Maor Elkelsi)
Will hope to reach a settlement. (Maor Elkelsi) | Photo: Sports 5

So what’s next? The goal of both is to reach a compensation settlement in the coming days, in order to start looking for a group. As we currently see, in Israel, as long as no indictment has been decided, there will be no large groups willing to take them in and it seems that abroad is the best option. Cyprus is an optional destination, with Omonia Nicosia and Apoel Nicosia mentioned as candidates to take them in. Small groups in Israel, Like Bnei Yehuda and Kiryat Shmona, they can be options for Micha and Atzili, but they will first try to exhaust the options abroad.

The announcement that came out yesterday is a result of pressure on the environment of the two players, who were interested in everyone knowing what their status was, in the hope that it would also speed up the process of finding new teams. At this stage, it should be said, there is still no summary on the compensation and if the talks do not move forward in the next two to three weeks, the parties will probably meet in arbitration.


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