With a new commander of the Gaza Division, the Southern Command is preparing for war


At the height of the outgoing division commander, Brigadier General Toledano, the tension was greater and the threats immediate. The most notable change in his tenure was the organization of the combat zone near the border fence. Concrete, paving bypass roads and building protected positions that will allow the IDF to disappear from the eyes of the enemy alongside control of the area.

Toledano was also able to unify intelligence and fire in the division, shortening schedules from the moment the target was discovered – such as an anti-tank or rocket squad, or infiltration of a terrorist squad to its attack from the ground or air – but also to expand the target bank.

The outgoing commander pushed and brought solutions against the intrusion of enemy gliders into Israeli territory. It is estimated that in the next campaign, the terrorist organizations will try to impose explosive devices on forces and localities using skimmers. Routinely these will be the fighters of the Combat Collection Battalion equipped with weapons adapted for the downing of skimmers. The method was proven in the field and was defined as operational.

Dealing with the explosive balloons and fires was also given priority by Toledano through the establishment of 15 teams of soldiers who worked together with the civilian bodies. Toledano’s glittering project is a smart and deadly border that includes an operational concept for protection using remotely controlled robots on the border, but is still in the initial stages of construction.


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