Windsor about Verstappen: ‘He has so much more finesse than Albon’


Peter Windsor draws another comparison. This time he compares the Red Bull drivers with each other. He believes that Verstappen has much more quality than Alexander Albon. He thinks it’s mainly in the footwork.

Yesterday, both Red Bull drivers complained of understeer in the slower corners on the Silverstone circuit. According to Windsor, the wind played a major role in the crash of Albon. He therefore does not think that a new engineer will work for British Thai: he blames a pure difference in quality between the two drivers.

“The difference is in how far a driver can adapt to changing circumstances. The Albon crash was a good example of this, ‘says Windsor. “As good as Albon is, I don’t think he’s as good as Verstappen at manipulating the car in the middle of the corner.”

Footwork crucial

Verstappen especially makes the difference because he has a very good feeling with the accelerator. “They had a shot from Verstappen where he came to Copse corner and it was clear that his balance is unparalleled. He drives there as Fernando Alonso. It’s a piece of finesse that Albon doesn’t have. ” (Source: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)


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