Windows Cortana is going to disappear, new assistant is coming


What happens to the Harman Kardon Invoke and Surface Headphones?

Google Assistant and Siri are perhaps the best known voice assistants. Microsoft’s speech assistant, Microsoft Cortana, rings a bell with fewer people. That is no longer necessary, because Microsoft has decided to take its voice assistant off the market

Microsoft Cortana never broke through

The voice assistant has been on the market since 2016 and performed variable. After that, Microsoft didn’t seem to put a lot of attention into the Cortana anymore. So now Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on the project and take the project off the market.

However, the plans with voice control are not entirely off the table.

Replacement Microsoft Cortana becomes task-oriented

The tech group wants to convert the technology and use it in Windows 10 and Office 365. The intention is that the assistant will use voice commands to help perform tasks within the various applications, such as Word, Excel, Teams and other programs. . You could also tell the assistant, for example, that he or she should note an appointment in your agenda. It is hoped that the speech assistant does not run wild.

With this move, Microsoft hopes to avoid direct competition with the well-known assistants, while still being able to bet on the trend of increasing voice control.

What does this mean for Harman Kardon Ivoke and Surface headphones?

Although you can of course be happy with these options, there is a problem if you own a Harman Kardon Ivoke or Surface headphones. They now still work with Cortana, but no longer after the next firmware update. That is quite acidic, because it turns this gadget into expensive paid regular Bluetooth speakers and headsets. Microsoft does not intend to give space to other assistants. Instead, one receives a gift voucher of 50 (Kardon) and 25 dollars respectively. I suspect that not every user will be happy with this solution.

Bron: The Verge

Photo: Wiki Commons


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