Wind in the sails: The boats return to Nahal Lachish Here in the south


Now it’s official: you can come and sail in the Lachish River, the boats are already waiting for you. Mayor Lasri said this morning at the gala launch: “A little history in the history of the city.” How much will it cost and is it also possible on Saturday – all the details here

Posted on: 2.8.20 14:05

By: Assaf Leibowitz

Festive atmosphere in the Lachish River in Ashdod – After more than 50 years since it was stopped today (Sunday), the cruise in the river has officially returned. The film was cut at the ceremony and the inauguration of the river cruise was attended by Mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasri, Deputy Mayor Eng. Shimon Katzenelson, Deputy Mayor Sharon Mark, Ashdod Tourism Company CEO Ofer Deri, Dr. Anat Rosen, CEO of the Association of Cities for the Environment Ashdod and other representatives.

The project is a joint initiative of the Ashdod Municipality and the Tourism Company together with the Association of Cities for the Environment. In recent years, restoration operations have been carried out on the water of the river and its surroundings, which make it possible to resume boating in the river using pedal boats without a motor. The project will be run by a challenge park managed by the tourism company. When the operating hours will be from 9:00 in the morning until 18:30 in the evening near sunset at Sunday to Saturday, including weekends, Saturdays and holidays.

The cost of a pedal boat cruise is NIS 100 per hour of sailing, and NIS 60 for half an hour, and Ashdod residents receive a discount of NIS 10. From the moment the film was released this morning, the cruise has officially started operating and is open to the general public.

The sailing activity during this period will take place within the framework of the requirements and conditions of the “purple mark”, with each boat constituting a “capsule” in itself. The entire sailing route will be filmed and supervised throughout the activity and even beyond. As planned, the activity will be managed by “Challenge Park” during the spring-summer-autumn seasons, throughout the week.

“A little history in the history of the city, this new natural gem that is one of the most beautiful in the city. This project is an example of the determination behind our worldview in Ashdod in general and in Lachish and the beaches in particular. I remember standing here over a decade ago launching the river cleanup program Very long and difficult, with a lot of partners, both at the local level and at the level of government ministries. That visitors as well as guests, and to allow boating in the river when the tourism company added the execution. ” In his remarks, Lasri referred to the municipality’s commitment to preserving the city’s nature and environment, including their commitment to preserving the dunes of Ashdod.

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Participants in the inauguration of the cruise boarded the pedal boats together – flamingo, swan and even one dragon. When they first mentored boating in a creek that for a few years was considered too polluted for any type of activity. It should be noted that swimming in the creek is still prohibited. The director of the tourism company spoke at the event, explaining that water quality tests are performed every week, and sometimes when he finds that the pollution in the active water has increased, he will stop for a limited time until it is renewed after repeated tests. “Once a week, tests are performed at 6 different points along the river. “There is a green flag, when it is not working properly, and it can be and something that was in the past and there is no need to stress about it – a red flag will be placed and the cruise will be stopped for a few days, purified and re-tested until the green flag returns.”

Pedal boats on the newly built pier. Photo: Assaf Leibowitz

Yoni Haziz, project manager at the tourism company, says that he devoted his heart and soul to operating the river cruise: “We made a real Ashdod history. It is a process of years that began 20 years ago with the beginning of river restoration and Lachish Park development and culminating in recent years. “For the moment when the cruise will be safe beyond any shadow of a doubt. From now on – it depends only on us and how much we will keep the stream, we are all responsible without exception.”

To book a pedal boat cruise in the river you can call 0533438182.


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