Will ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ get a sequel to Disney plus?


Again we hear new rumors about the arrival of such a series on the streaming service.

Again we hear stories about a series based on the film Solo: A Star Wars Story. It has been rumored for some time that such a series is coming to streaming service Disney +.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the first Star Warsfilm that flopped at the international box office. The film about the early adventures of Han Solo hardly attracted any audience. In retrospect, it is thought that this was mainly due to the fact that there were another one a few months earlier Star Wars-had a movie in the cinema and that there was franchise fatigue.Still a sequel
The film clearly started a sequel at the end, in which villain Darth Maul would play a major role. Now we hear again that this sequel may come, in the form of a series on Disney +. It’s a story we hear more often and maybe one of nine projects around Star Wars that are being developed for Disney +.

This year we can at least have a second season of The Mandalorian expect.


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