Will Instagram REELS blow out the back of Tiktok’s neck?


Since the hacking of Tiktok, cyber experts have warned that the app draws and retains personal information about its users. BiteDance (Tiktok’s parent company) is a Chinese company, and in China all major companies are controlled by the state, which can extract information from them at any time and without a warrant. And there is nothing more hated about Trump than state-controlled companies.

Hence the question arises: will Tiktok succeed in this blow? Will the app users who love it so much follow it in fire and sea? Regev Gur, The CEO and founder of Narrative, a business development and marketing company in the United States and England notes that “unlike a lot of social networks that have sprung up, Tiktok did it right and like a dish with a lot of sugar managed to cause a lot of addiction among young people around the world.” “Not for the new competitor and even if technically it will be blocked in the United States. Tiktok brings with it a fresh breeze of creativity and I doubt if the users of the platform care that it stores this or that information.”

Gore adds that “Tiktok is a paradise for advertisers, also thanks to the model reminiscent of YouTube, but mainly due to the young and enthusiastic target audience that is in it. There is no feeling of a new vehicle from which the nylons have not yet been removed.”

According to Instagram, one of the things that differentiates Tiktok from Riles is the ability to share Rills everywhere. Next, various editing tools will appear on the screen, and users will be able to photograph themselves using various augmented reality features or adding music and effects such as a time clock. After the filming is over, you can share the video in glasses or on other platforms that host content on Instagram, such as the Stories. However, the videos posted on the Stories will disappear within 24 hours. In any other form of sharing the videos will remain documented in the users’ profile.


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