Why did Netanyahu have a meeting with Sarah in blue and white, and did he meet with Yankelevich?


Have the prime minister’s men begun to scrutinize and see if there is a possibility of forming an alternative narrow government?

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According to a report in News 12, last Thursday, political elements present in the Prime Minister’s Office noticed that Sarah Pnina Temano was marching to the Prime Minister’s Office. The meeting between Netanyahu and Minister Tamano Sheta lasted an hour and a half.

An examination of News 12 shows that Temano Sheta has been jumped by the prime minister from now on to provide an overview of her office’s preparations for the spread of the corona and the state of immigration to Israel.

On the blue and white side, Netanyahu sees this as an attempt by Netanyahu to examine the possibility that Shatnu will be defected to a narrow 61-headed government headed by Netanyahu, should the unity government disintegrate.

On the part of Minister Tamano Sheta, they denied: “Whoever seeks her to do so and joins a narrow government is wasting his time.”

In a response issued by the Minister, it was stated: “On Thursday, a meeting was held between me and Prime Minister Netanyahu. The meeting took place with the knowledge of Bnei Gantz, any other speculation does not exist. I will not give my hand to a narrow government The only thing that needs to be done now is to pass a budget for 2020-2021 ”.

News 13 reported that Netanyahu also met with Minister Omar Yankelevich with a white brush.

In response, Inkelwitz issued a clarification: “No personal meeting was held between me and the Prime Minister. I participated in a meeting that was held alongside professionals, the National Security Council and the Corona headquarters on the subject of office plans for the Corona period.

The Minister of Defense and the Deputy Prime Minister Bnei Gantz – updated in advance about the meeting. Enough with the attempts to produce a spin from routine work in a government office. ”


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