Why are there so few test locations and what should you do if you don’t have a car?


It is important that as many people with complaints as possible have themselves tested to fight the coronavirus. In this way, fires can be quickly detected and combated. Since June 1, anyone with complaints can get tested.

According to the RIVM, there are not enough resources and people to have everyone with complaints tested at home. That is why it is advisable to come to the test street by car if possible. More than 80 special drive-through test streets have been set up for this.

Walking or cycling

For people who want to get tested for corona but who do not have or cannot borrow a car, it is sometimes quite difficult to reach a test street. Because of the health problems, you cannot come by public transport.

Walking or cycling is permitted at most test locations, but this must be agreed by telephone in advance. However, in various municipalities, walking or cycling is far too far or too difficult.

Incidentally, not all test streets are easily accessible by car. More than 800,000 people in the Netherlands have to drive more than half an hour by car to reach a coronation test site of a GGD, an analysis by NRC recently revealed.

Especially in the big cities, most people can be at a test street within ten to twenty minutes. This is different in rural regions. Especially in Groningen and West Brabant many people live who have to travel long distances in order to be tested. There is only one test location in both regions.

Set up in a short time

But why are those test locations so often located on those clumsy locations? “There are few test streets in busy locations because we had to set them up in a very short time,” Kristof Frans of GGD Nederland told earlier.

“We had to determine locations on the basis of a number of points. It had to include entry and exit options for the car. Privacy had to be guaranteed and it had to be large enough.”

The GGD does plan to expand the number of test locations. The period of time varies by location. A new test street has recently been opened in The Hague and elsewhere. People who are unable to drive to the test location in Nootdorp can now have themselves tested in the center of the city.


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