Who will win the Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo 2020? These are the nominees


Provincial Executive and jury chairman Jo-Annes de Bat announced the favorites this morning in the radio program Zeeland Wakker.

The Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo will be awarded for the 17th time this year. The prize is awarded every year to a Zeeland entrepreneur who has realized a successful innovation.

The following companies have done that and therefore have a chance of winning the title.

SWYCS from Middelburg

SWYCS has developed a revolutionary system based on Internet of Things technology that makes buildings smart out-of-the-box. IoT technology makes it possible to connect devices to the internet and integrate them into a variety of business processes.

Hydrauvision from Schoondijke

In collaboration with the company Z-Bridge BV, Hydrauvision has developed a second innovative way of switching from a moving ship at sea to an offshore construction. The system is called Bring to Work (B2W).

Traas Pest Control from ‘s Gravenpolder

New laws and regulations do not make it easy to fight rats outdoors. This also entails many risks for children and pets, especially in urban areas and in parks. For that reason, Traas has developed the rat hotel concept, which has now also been successfully applied in practice.

Hello Container from Goes

HelloContainer digitizes administrative actions that regulate the comparison and booking of containers in no time. From contact with carriers to drawing up quotations and providing export documents.

Kobobss from Yerseke

The PackCheck products and customized solutions from Kobobss enable the creation, optimization and safeguarding of responsible processes in production and logistics.

The professional jury, headed by Provincial Executive Jo-Annes de Bat, will visit the nominated candidates on a company visit. In addition, students at the HZ University of Applied Sciences research the innovations and process them into a report that is used by the jury to arrive at a final assessment in addition to the company visits.

What do you think is the best innovation?

In addition to the jury prize, a public prize will be awarded. During the voting period from October 21 to November 4 you can vote on the website of Omroep Zeeland.

More information about the nominees can be found on the website of the Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo. On Wednesday 4 November, the winners of both the Emergo jury prize and the Emergo public prize will be announced at network fair Contacta in Goes.

Last year, Nemag from Zierikzee won both the jury and public award, thanks to the invention of a new type of grab. Seagoing vessels with bulk goods, such as iron ore, can be unloaded ten percent faster with this grab.


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