WhatsApp will soon fix one of iOS and Android’s biggest frustrations


WhatsApp seems to be fixing one of the biggest frustrations of its users in the background. The company is in the process of making backups of chats available on multiple platforms. So your messages from iOS will soon be able to go to Android device.

Thanks to the new information, we find out that this is an extension of the ‘multiple devices support.’ The support for multiple devices. A feature that we will see soon.

WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android

Anyone who has ever made the switch from iOS to Android, or else, will have noticed. When you switch operating systems, you literally lose all your conversations and photos. Very annoying, especially if you have been using WhatsApp for years and have therefore made a backup as a precaution.

It has everything to do with your WhatsApp backup on iOS being stored via iCloud. Users of the Android app back up to Google Drive. So when you make the switch, you miss out. But that is about to change.

The folks at WABetaInfo have found that the support for four devices, which we wrote about here, also has advantages for backups. When you as a user make a backup on iOS, it can also be loaded on a smartphone with Android. This way you take all conversations with you at all times.

Difficult job

According to WABetaInfo, the functionality is not set up that quickly. It’s a pretty tricky feature to set up in the background, but WhatsApp is busy with it. According to the website, the feature is still under development, but will roll out in a future update. It is not yet known when exactly that is.

Besides the fact that you can drag your conversations from iOS to Android and vice versa, it is also possible to use WhatsApp on four devices at the same time. There will also be an iPad app for the service. That would mean that you can text with friends on your iPad as well as on your iPhone.

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WhatsApp will soon fix one of the biggest frustrations for iOS and Android users


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