WhatsApp adds search forwarded messages feature


The new search function has been tested since the end of March and is now being rolled out in the first countries.

Next to a forwarded WhatsApp message there is now a button with a magnifying glass. If you press that, the text of the message will be looked up on Google.

WhatsApp itself does not see which messages users check for reliability. The new feature makes the search easier, so users can judge the reliability of messages themselves. The results shown are from known fact check sites, for example.


As an example, WhatsApp provides a forwarded article claiming that garlic water could cure the corona virus. Pressing the new search button shows three articles that dispute that.

The function is not yet available in the Netherlands. It is not yet known when this will happen.

The search function is already being rolled out in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and the US for Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web.


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