what will Rutte and De Jonge announce in the press conference


Prime Minister Mark Rutte will discuss on Thursday with the most concerned ministers how the renewed advance of the corona virus can be stopped. There are concerns mainly about students and holidaymakers returning from risk areas. Afterwards, Rutte gives one, together with ‘corona minister’ Hugo de Jonge press conference, the first in a month and a half.

Follow the press conference (including questions from journalists) live from 7 pm on SBS6, our website and Facebook page.

According to sources from The Hague, the cabinet is seriously considering ending the introduction weeks for students. It is feared that the corona measures will not be properly observed during these events. In recent weeks, several corona fires have emerged among students.

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According to insiders, a test street may be set up at Schiphol for returning holidaymakers. Travelers can then have themselves tested voluntarily and easily. There is an urgent advice for returnees from risk countries to quarantine for two weeks after their return. If the result is good, this period can possibly be shortened.

Infections received

The extra cabinet meeting has been scheduled because the number of coronavirus infections has risen sharply in recent weeks. As a result, the pressure on the government to take action from the House of Representatives also increased. The left-wing opposition in particular is very critical and accuses Rutte of a lack of direction.



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