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One of the decisions that was perceived as the most angry since the outbreak of the Corona crisis was the state’s approval of 17,000 students from abroad to enter Israel under light isolation conditions – with the vast majority being yeshiva students, about 12,000 in number. Tonight (Thursday) it was revealed for the first time in the main edition that a lot of money from the United States comes to meetings in Israel, and this is another consideration that was taken into account behind the scenes.

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According to data revealed tonight, the State of Israel has so far approved 57 educational institutions to admit yeshiva students and students from abroad, half of them prestigious yeshivas. Institutions with an annual tuition fee of up to $ 30,000. Institutions interested in admitting students from the United States Official application form Among the yeshivas that have already received such approval: the Western Wall Yeshiva, the Ash Torah Yeshiva, the Beit Meir Yeshiva, the Eretz Hatzvi Yeshiva, the Or Simcha Yeshiva, the Mir Yeshiva, the Shaalvim Yeshiva, the Kerem Yavne Yeshiva, and the Haredi Ponivez Yeshiva.

Ben Gurion Airport is empty in the days of Corona | Photo: Reuters

The financial income of these yeshivot from the absorption of ultra-Orthodox and Zionist yeshiva students and yeshivas is enormous: the average annual tuition fee is about $ 15,000, and the decision to allow 12,000 yeshivot students to enter Israel will put about NIS 600 million into the coffers of these yeshivas.

The Corona projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, initially objected to the arrival of the pupils and students, and even said that “a wise deed should be done here and another fire should be prevented,” but after a few days he withdrew his opposition. One of the allegations made against her is that, unlike yeshiva students and students, relatives of Israelis who want to enter Israel are not given such an option.

Roni Gamzo
Corona Professor, Professor Roni Gamzo

Professionals in the Ministry of Health strongly claim that if the isolation rules are observed after their arrival – there is no real danger of infection from yeshiva students and students. On the other hand, a senior government official involved in the process told N12 that there is no doubt that there is also financial consideration in the decision to approve their arrival and entry into the country.

But this whole event also has a positive point: each such student spends thousands of shekels a month in addition to tuition and thus is a kind of small growth engine and any foreign money that enters the country during this difficult economic period – is a blessing to local businesses.


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