What do you think: have you started exercising more since the corona virus?


According to the Association of Exclusive Sports Centers (VES), it is important, especially now in times of corona, to exercise and stay fit. Have you started exercising more since the corona virus?

The VES called on Hubert Bruls, chairman of the national security council and mayor of Nijmegen, to draw more attention to the practice of fitness in the fight against the corona virus. He was also called upon to do something about his weight.

By exercising, or at least exercising enough, you can improve your resistance. That has always been a nice side effect of staying fit, but now that we are still dealing with the corona virus, it is extra important to stay healthy. Both physically and mentally. Whether you are walking, cycling, yoga or doing heavy strength training.

Have you started exercising more, did you or did you not, for whatever reason?

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