What did you play, buy or watch this week? (week 31)


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Completed: Fairy Tail
Gekocht: Destroy All Humans!
Watched: Fairy Tail, Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer Season 1

Last week I finished Fairy Tail. I always like anime very much, but I don’t really look (or play) much in the genre. When I played the game I noticed that I was really enjoying the story and the magical attacks that the Fairy Tail adventure entails. That’s why, after finishing the game, I immediately started working on the series on Crunchyroll. I enjoy this a lot, but whether I will see all the hundreds of episodes this year is a challenge.

Besides Fairy Tail I started working with Destroy All Humans! The remake of this game has been built from scratch and it shows! Destroy All Humans! looks very cool and plays wonderfully. It is always entertaining when you can throw cows, see a glimpse into the minds of crazy people and then sow death and destruction.

The past week I didn’t just play a game. I have also looked at the necessary. For example, I started working on the docuseries Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer, in which the stories of Ted Bundy’s friend Elizabeth Kendall, her daughter Molly and other people pass by. The revelations are as interesting as they are shocking. What was this man a hater of first class say! But then again, he was a psychopath who has countless crimes to his name.


Completed: Shovel Knight: King of Cards
Purchased: –
Watched: –

This week I finished Shovel Knight: King of Cards and that was (as always with Shovel Knight) enjoyment. The controls felt good and the game was humorous, but serious where necessary. There was a few levels that I consider an extra checkpoint and the last bosses were in my opinion much more difficult than the others campaigns. In the end, King of Cards is a great platformer. I am less pleased with the card game Joustus: the game is entertaining, but I couldn’t find deckbuilding tips anywhere in-game and the rest of the game is actually not long enough to experiment with it myself


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