Westerlo is considering legal action, Pro League is going to be …



Westerlo was the only club to vote against the decisions taken at the general meeting of the Pro League on Friday. As a leader in the final score of 1B, De Kemphanen believe that they can claim a spot in 1A and are considering legal action. The Pro League appoints a mediator. “We want the legal game to end now,” said CEO Pierre François.

Of the votes cast on the entirety of the decisions that were beaten on Friday, only one vote turned red. Westerlo felt passed, because he believed that it should be the second 1B club to go up with Beerschot or OHL. After all, the Kemphanen had closed the general stand as leader.

“Westerlo has already announced that he is deliberating on legal action,” said Pierre François, CEO of the Pro League. A mediator will be appointed. “We want this legal game to end definitively. At the time of the league stop in March, four more teams competed for a spot in 1A. These were KV Oostende, Waasland-Beveren, Oud-Heverlee Leuven and Beerschot. We followed that logic. ”

“There was no solution that no club would challenge the decision unless a 1A with 20 teams,” added chairman Peter Croonen. “But that scenario was not wanted, because what do we do with the five in 1B? Is twenty teams the format that fits our ambitions as a competition? We cannot deny that there is a correlation between the moment we playoffs and our improved European coefficient, the economic value that goes with it and our sporting performance in Europe. I’d rather go to a league with fewer teams than with more. ”

The Pro League will also look at what can be done about the many procedures that are started against the own association. That cost the Pro League several hundred thousand euros. “Unfortunately, Belgian clubs tend to attack all kinds of things quite quickly. That is understandable from a club perspective, but not good for Belgian football as a whole. How we can have fewer disputes is a reflection that we will make” said Croonen.


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