“Westerlo does not stand much chance with legal proceedings”


OHL, Beerschot VA and Waasland-Beveren will play in First Division A next season. KVC Westerlo believes they are entitled to this, because they get the most points in 1B. Yet they have little chance.

“I don’t think Westerlo has a strong case to challenge this decision. It would run counter to the league format of 1B. The ranking has no importance whatsoever, and it is the two period champions that determine who promotes. So Westerlo never came more eligible for promotion. It could just be that Westerlo is starting some legal procedure, but I don’t think it has much chance of success “, says Peter Vandenbempt to Sporza. The Pro League is already sitting at the table with the Ruffers to find a solution to the dispute.

So this may bring an end to a very bad soap where the clubs made a bad turn. Self-interest was more important than the public interest and in corona times the clubs showed very little solidarity.

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