Weekly number of corona tests declined for the first time since early July NOW


The GGD tested nearly 102,000 people in the Netherlands for the corona virus in the past week. That is about ten thousand less than last week, according to a weekly update of the GGD-GHOR on Monday. It is the first time since the beginning of July that the number of corona tests per week has decreased.

The GGD does not know why the number of tests has now decreased. “It may be that people were scared by the waiting time, which increased because many more people suddenly wanted to be tested and the GGDs had to scale up,” says public health director Sjaak de Gouw of the GGD-GHOR Monday in NPO Radio 1- program News and Co. In a month, the number of people who had a weekly test for the coronavirus increased from approximately 65,000 to 100,000 people.

The holiday can also play a role, he says. “We had the impression that people got tested before they went on vacation to make sure they didn’t have it.”

However, De Gouw does not know the exact causes. “We regularly ask people about their willingness to get tested, but from the people who don’t call us, we can’t figure out why they don’t,” he says.

In the last two weeks, the daily number of detected infections rose steadily. Monday is the fifth consecutive day that more than three hundred people tested positive for the coronavirus.


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