Weekly figures corona: 60 regional members tested positive


Since last Monday, 60 people in our region have been tested positive for the corona virus, the highest number in months.

This is evident from open data from the RIVM. Up to and including yesterday, this involved 54 people, so today there were another 6 (4 from Westland, 1 from Maassluis and 1 from Midden-Delfland).

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The last time so many people with corona came in was in the week of April 13-19. Then it concerned 74 new cases. At that time, not everyone could have themselves tested, but since 1 June this is possible.

In comparison, in the past three full weeks, 13, 11 and 15 people from our region, respectively, were tested positive.

Total above 500

Since today, the number of infections detected in our region has passed the limit of 500: that number is now at 504. Westland has by far the highest number of infections with 351, followed by Maassluis (117) and Midden-Delfland (36). The actual number of people who have been ill is expected to be much higher. Not everyone could have themselves tested until 1 June. Now that is possible, but according to the RIVM, not all people with complaints go to a test street.

View the trend since mid-March in the graph below:

Click on the municipality name in the graph above to switch it ‘off’ or ‘on’.

The increasing number of infections is offset by the fact that the number of hospital admissions (total 81) and deaths (39) has been stable for quite some time.

More tests

On Tuesday, the RIVM expressed its concern because the number of infections is increasing, while fewer people are being tested. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge called on the population during a press conference on Thursday evening to actually go to a test street in case of complaints. As a result, the GGDs received six times as many phone calls from people who wanted to be tested on Friday.

In our region you can have yourself tested in Naaldwijk, Hoek van Holland and Maassluis. Call the national number 0800-1202 for this.


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