Weather forecast: Warm summer week with very high temperatures on the way NOW


Next week it will be very hot and there is even a chance of a regional heat wave. Although it can feel a bit cooler on Sunday, a very warm period with midday temperatures up to possibly 34 degrees will start on Wednesday.

Due to a moderate northwest wind and a lot of cloud, it feels pleasant in many places in the country on Sunday. By the end of the weekend and Monday, the sun will show again, Weerplaza reports.

Tuesday is a quiet summer day and it remains dry across the country. The afternoon temperature is between 20 and 23 degrees.

After Tuesday, a longer period of very warm summer weather arrives and it can feel tropical in many places in the country. Although there is a chance of some rain in the north on Wednesday, it remains sunny in most places and the temperature rises to 29 degrees in the south.

The hottest day of the week is Friday. On that day it will be up to 34 degrees. A light breeze can make it feel very hot.

Also towards the weekend it remains very warm with afternoon temperatures between 30 and 33 degrees. Because the wind will increase again, it can feel cooler than on other days of the week.

Because there are several days with very high temperatures, there is a great chance of a regional heat wave in the south and southeast. For this it must be 25 degrees or warmer for at least five days in a row, of which at least three days with temperatures above 30 degrees.


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