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The past few weeks Android Planet completely devoted to holidays. You could win all kinds of prizes, got all kinds of useful holiday tips and we wrote backgrounds. Here you will find everything in a row.

Holiday month theme: round-up

The month of July is almost over and that also means that we will list what we have all written about the month theme of holiday. Every month we choose a theme on Android Planet, which is a recurring theme on the website.

For example, we give all kinds of useful tips, for example about the best speakers for holidays under 50 euros, how to download films on the go and which apps are the best for navigating abroad. The best travel channels on YouTube and the best long games on the go. Not able to keep track of everything? No problem of course, because in the overview below you can see all holiday articles in a row:

Holiday articles July Android Planet:

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New monthly theme: Back to School

The holiday theme may be over, but of course there is also a new theme ready. In August, the focus is on Back to School. Expect tips on the best study apps or apps for relaxing, background stories and opinion pieces.

We also look at affordable smartphones and Chromebooks and you can expect a big giveaway. Hold Android Planet so watch closely next month.

Do you have back to school ideas?

A lot is already planned, but if you have an ultimate idea, let us know! For example, leave a comment below this article or email us at [email protected] You can also send us a message via Facebook or Instagram. Finally, you can easily reach our editors via Twitter:

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Don’t want to miss out on the new monthly theme? Then keep an eye on our site, sign up for the daily / weekly newsletter and download the free Android app!

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