“we see an increase in infections” – The Daily Standard


The PvdA, GroenLinks and the SP want to bring the House together again, because of the worrying growth in the number of infections in the Netherlands. Actually, it was already a ‘wake-up call’ three weeks ago, the number of infections was already an omen, that we are now three weeks later and the Chamber is in recess, is of course incomprehensible, according to the Left block in the Chamber.

Asscher is disappointed in the Cabinet, which he says simply does not take enough measures. He prefers to see the government and the government take control. Now the responsibility lies largely with the people themselves, but Asscher seems to want to go back to a lockdown regulation.

“People spoke of a wake-up call three weeks ago, but since then we have seen a huge increase in the number of infections. And I see a fairly inimitable zigzag rate from the cabinet. ”

Asscher is now supported by the other left-wing parties in the House. Asscher wants strong action from the state again. He prefers to see a separate minister for Corona being hired again. A ‘regular’ minister is now taking on this range of tasks, while the left-wing parties prefer to see a crisis minister again.

, The situation is only getting worse when the intention was to contain the virus. I don’t have a good feeling about this. ”

The number of infections is indeed worrying, and it is true that the government has a gigantic zigzag rate. The result we see: a Room with recess and the mayors who will determine the law themselves.

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