“We make noise on every peep”


“Our information at Hapoel Tel Aviv is not good, every move we make is incorrectly interpreted. Most of the things we do are done right, only outside we see it differently – maybe because we don’t react enough. “Sharon Nisnov, one of the club’s owners who became more dominant last summer, found the culprit in recent criticism of the team.

The most significant criticism was of sending the release letters to five players who hold contracts (Maor Bouzaglo, Moti Bershetsky, Arik Janko, Yoav Jerfi and Raz Cohen), and they are suing the club. Nisnov is not excited: “Every team has players who behave differently, and unfortunately we did not really understand the situation of the Corona.

Sharon Nisnov

Sharon Nisnov. “Our information at Hapoel Tel Aviv is not good”

(Photo: Oz Mualem)

There are teams that send letters that lower 50 percent of the salary and their players get it and do not go out to the media, with us on every pips make a noise. There are a million unemployed in the country today, so the football players also need to understand that we are in a different situation. If they think they are above all, then they are wrong, they are not above the people. As for the various lawsuits, in the past we were taken to court and everything was fine, we always knew what we were doing. ”

Buzaglo was at the head of those who opposed the cuts, and Nisnov was really angry with him: “I did not see this as good conduct, nor is it above the people. Something has happened all over the world, and Buzaglo must understand this. Everyone has the right to do what he wants, but not to forget our right to do “What we think is right to do. I did not tell him anything personally. I spoke to his father Yaakov then, I told him that all the club owners are cutting back, and he replied: ‘Maor Buzaglo will not lose a penny.'”

Maor claims that thanks to his arrival, the record for Hapoel appointments was broken and that he was exploited.
“When we brought him in, we thought he would be more successful. Last season, there was a coach (Nisso Avitan) who asked us to bring him in, and we signed him for two years. Today there is another coach who determines together with Moshe Sinai whether he is suitable for them professionally, and that is their decision. Besides, there were more appointments before him at Hapoel and there will be after him. “

Maor BuzagloMaor Buzaglo

Maor Buzaglo. The head of those who oppose the cuts

(Photo: Oz Mualem)

Yaakov Bouzaglo wrote that your management was neighborhood and that the separation from Maor was by the standards of the Italian Mafia.

“Look at his history and you will see that he said this about a lot of club owners that his son played for, I can only wish him success. There is a big gap between the neighborhood image and what actually happens. Ask Sinai and Nir Klinger, who came to Hapoel and said they did not believe the management, arrangement “Most of the public and fans know that there are people here who give their money and soul to become a strong club, and greatly appreciate what we do, even though we knew from day one that football is forced to be good. Our media outreach is lacking and so we have created the wrong image.”

Omar Damari received an offer for a base salary of only $ 30,000 per season, not including premiums.
“Damari is highly valued at Hapoel, I made him a respectable offer and promised him he would have a significant role in the club. Many players have a mixed salary involved in premiums, and he can reach a higher amount. We really like him and are waiting for his decision.”

And what about Uriel Degani, who complains about unpleasant treatment?

“I can pledge that I did everything I could to keep Degani at Hapoel. I allowed him release for free abroad, after he told me it was his big dream, and if he did not come out his salary would be cut to a minimum. He told me that in Israel he would only play for Hapoel, unless there was a much higher offer than another team. Let’s see what he decides. “

Hapoel Tel Aviv against Maccabi HaifaHapoel Tel Aviv against Maccabi Haifa

“Highly appreciated in practice.” Omar Damari

(Photo: Reuven Schwartz)

The demand of the Budget Control Authority to place an additional guarantee of six million shekels to insure the association against a possible debt demand from FIFA, may prevent Hapoel Tel Aviv from opening the season and it is possible that in the Toto Cup game against Ashdod on Saturday it will go up with youth players. Nisnov, in any case, is optimistic: “I believe that the story will be resolved in the coming days, and that the association will recover and understand the meanings. I believe that Hapoel Tel Aviv will open the season.”

The group also owns the shocks. Boaz, a resident, moved aside, and Itzik Nisnov left and returned after disagreements with his brother Sharon, who is not thrilled either: “Itzik and I are like one, even if there are disagreements between us, we close things. Itzik thought he wanted more time for his affairs, but I convinced “He needs to stay with me. There is no connection to professional matters at Hapoel. A resident has not been involved too much before, when we need him he is always there for us. We are in a learning process and run Hapoel well with an excellent and correct foundation.”

A resident interests businessmen in purchasing the group and claims that you do not show them the books for due diligence.
“If someone came and did not come to sit with me or my brother, then he does not buy. It is clear that we will open books for him, everything is transparent, we have no debt of a shekel to anyone. Hapoel with us can be a top team, but to face Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa For the championship, we need someone with much bigger pockets than us and we are waiting for him. “

Sharon Nisnov Sharon Nisnov

“I did everything to keep Degani alive”

(Photo: Oz Mualem)

Which team was built at Hapoel Tel Aviv?
“Significantly stronger than last year. This time we have Sinai and Klinger, which is a different world from what was here before, and I think they built a good team for next season. We have very promising youngsters and we also brought in eight new players. Last season we had a chance to test The young people, and this year they will already be part of the staff. ”

What are the goals?
“To be a top team. Degrees? You can always compete for the state cup, for a championship you need a higher budget than Hapoel. For me as a fan it hurts a lot to lose four derbies a season, but looking at the road and it is good. In terms of budget we can not compete with Maccabi, but “In the heart and in the derby games, it is clear that I do. My goal is not to win a derby, but to be a healthy and strong team and continue our most important project, the youth department, which is one of the best in Israel.”


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