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According to the weather forecast this week promises to be very hot. Unfortunately, such high temperatures, in combination with the absence of rain, also contribute to our water consumption skyrocketing. That is why Aquaflanders, the federation of water companies and sewer managers, calls for the wise use of tap water. “Now it is not a good idea to use plenty of water together to spray the lawn or wash the car,” says VMM (Flemish Environment Agency).

Water-saving measures are already in force on various waterways in Flanders, reports VMM. There is a ban on capturing because of blue-green algae on various watercourses, which also has consequences for recreational opportunities and agriculture. In all provinces there is a ban on capturing various non-navigable watercourses.

Due to the high temperatures and low water levels, fish mortality is also expected in certain places due to the lack of oxygen in the watercourses. If you notice this, contact the environmental service of your municipality, VMM asks.

“We see that when the weather is warm and dry, Flemish people use up to 40 percent more tap water,” says Carl Heyrman, general manager of AquaFlanders. Extreme peak consumption on warm, dry days can locally lead to demand for drinking water exceeding the capacity of production and supply.

“That’s why we always recommend not to use tap water for applications that don’t require drinking water quality, such as spraying our lawns or washing our cars,” Heyrman continues. “For this, rainwater is a perfect alternative or water that you collect and reuse in the kitchen or bathroom. This is an exercise that we should do not only in the summer, but throughout the year. ”

Do not spray the lawn or wash your car

Other tips: don’t spray your lawn with tap water. Yellow grass recovers by itself. Only spray plants, flowers and vegetables if there is no other option. Do it with a watering can (no garden hose), use rainwater and do it early in the morning or late at night.

Also skip a cleaning of the car. Does it urgently need a cleaning. Then choose the better car wash, which reuses water, or wash your car with a bucket of water instead of the garden hose.

Opt for a shower instead of a bath. Let the dirty plates pile up. A large wash is always more efficient and water efficient, whether you do it by hand or with the dishwasher.

You can find more saving tips on tapwater.be/tips. You can also leave your own tip or idea.


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