Watch: Syrian President Assad interrupted a speech in parliament – and that was his excuse


The Syrian president interrupted a speech due to a drop in blood pressure and when he returned to the podium he said: “I have not eaten all day” • He added “Doctors are the worst patients, assume a doctor can not be sick”

Syrian President Bashar Assad interrupted a speech in the Syrian parliament today (Wednesday) over a slight drop in blood pressure.

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In the middle of the recorded speech, the president asked to be seated.

He later returned to the podium and said: “Doctors are the worst patients, assuming a doctor can not be sick.”

Assad went on to say that he had not eaten since Tuesday afternoon and as a result had suffered a drop in blood pressure.

“Eating some salt and sugar and blood pressure goes up, it’s natural,” the president said.

In Here News, it was emphasized that Assad’s office reported on what was happening in the Syrian parliament, even before his speech was broadcast.

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