Watch: Now it’s official – the cruise in Nahal Lachish was inaugurated


The Ashdod Municipality and the Tourism Company, together with the Association of Cities for the Environment, are returning the cruise (non-motorized pedal boats) to the waters of the Lachish River, for the first time since the activity ceased somewhere in the 1960s.

In the first phase, a floating dice platform was built, from which 10 pedal boats (only) will be lowered into the water, which will operate and sail on a route of about 1.5 km – from the Challenges Park to near the river estuary to the sea. Users will be subject to all required safety regulations.

The sailing activity will take place within the requirements and conditions of the “purple mark”, and each boat constitutes a “capsule” in itself. The entire sailing route will be filmed and supervised throughout the activity and even beyond. According to the plan, the activity will be managed by “Challenges Park” during the spring-summer-autumn seasons, throughout the week – starting from sunrise and ending about half an hour before sunset.

The waters of the creek are inspected and monitored frequently every few days by professionals, and have been found worthy and approved for boating activities by the Ministry of Health for several years. Throughout the period of the sailing activity, the water monitoring will be increased, and every day a “green flag” will be raised for the activity (or alternately – “red flag” if the water quality is not in the standard required for sailing), by conducting independent environmental association tests.

The tourism company said: “Along with the return of the cruise, Ashdod tourism is of paramount importance in continuing to promote” green “activities that combine enjoyment of the river and its surroundings along with education to preserve nature and the rich wildlife that exists in the park.

Mayor Dr. I am happy to see that all of these are reaching the finish line and the stream is returning to its beautiful days. ”
Deputy Mayor Shimon Katzenelson, whose faction is also in charge of tourism in the city: “Today we are moving to the field of action in the field. I am definitely excited to see the dream of sailing come to fruition and I am sure many residents share the excitement and welcome this move.

“This is another tourist tier that will be an attractive attraction for a large public, from Ashdod and beyond,” he added. “I thank all the municipal authorities for the cooperation that enables the realization of this important project, which is a new and positive page in the history of the river, the city of Ashdod and its tourism.”

The Association of Cities for the Environment, which accompanies the return of the cruise and monitors the quality of the river’s water on a regular basis throughout the year, stated: ” A clean stream, with a wealth of fish and animal species typical of coastal streams in Israel. ”

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