“Watch closely during the heat” | Inland


The Red Cross refers to an ongoing study by Hein Daanen, professor of exercise physiology at the VU University in Amsterdam. He comes to the conclusion that when the ambient temperature rises, the number of people with health complaints who report to the emergency room also increases.

Together with Veiligheid.nl, he analyzed the figures from two teaching hospitals in combination with weather data from the KNMI. “The initial results clearly show an increase in the emergency departments in the afternoons in warm weather. Ambient temperature has a strong influence on the well-being and behavior of people. It confirms how important it is to pay extra attention to ourselves and each other in heat, ”says Daanen.

Breedijk agrees and recommends that people who are vulnerable should be checked daily. “For example, ask if the other really drinks enough. This is particularly important for the elderly, because they are less likely to experience a thirst stimulus. We advise drinking enough water, tea or coffee, even if someone is not thirsty. ”

The national heat plan comes into effect on Thursday and the following days. People are advised to drink well, to look for shade, not to exert too much, and to look at others.


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