Watch: A yacht with Ashdod residents wearing a shirt before hitting the beach Here in the south


Police officers from the Israel Police Maritime Police Unit rescued a small yacht with Ashdod residents with children off the shores of Ashkelon yesterday, just before it hit the beach and was hit.

Posted on: 9.8.20 10:17

By: Liav Ahaban

Yesterday (Saturday) at noon, the police center received a report of a small yacht whose engine was stopped, was out of control and was dangerously swept toward the beach in Ashkelon with 8 men and women in their 30s and 40s and two children aged 7 and 13, residents of Ashdod.

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The team of police officers from the Lachish Area Maritime Police Unit quickly boarded the police ship and located the yacht, which is already in the area of ​​wave crises, at a dangerous range of a few meters before hitting the shore. The crew performed maneuvers in an emergency and during rapid naval operations, the police were able to tie up the yacht and rescue it outside the dangerous area. The people on board the yacht, residents of Ashdod, who were in a state of seasickness and suffered from nausea and vomiting, were brought safely to the marina in Ashkelon by the police, calmed down and did not need medical treatment.


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