Watch: A terrorist enters Israel from Gaza – and is arrested immediately


a a A Abdullah D’Ama, arrested today (Sunday) at the Erez checkpoint, for his involvement in a terrorist attack a decade ago, the security cameras of the Passage Authority documented the moment of D’Ama’s crossing.

Remember, This morning was allowed for publicationOn 6/7/2011, the General Security Service arrested Abdullah Dama, 38, a resident of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, for questioning. This, against the background of suspicion of his involvement in terrorist activity against IDF soldiers.

According to reports, the terrorist applied for a permit to enter Israel to undergo a medical procedure, received the GSS permit – and was arrested as soon as he passed the Erez checkpoint.

During his interrogation by the GSS in cooperation with the Israel Police, it emerged that Abdullah was involved in a murderous attack that took place on March 26, 2010, on the border fence in the Gaza Strip, near the settlements of Nirim and Ein Hashlosha. Peretz 14, and two other soldiers were wounded.

His investigation revealed that the attack was planned by the Shahada al-Aqsa organization starting in September 2008, and carried out by them in March 2010, while the Islamic Jihad organization claimed responsibility for carrying out the attack.

The investigation revealed that around July 2008, Abdullah, who was active in Shahada al-Aqsa, agreed with another activist, Adnan Abu Hani, to the organization’s proposal to carry out terrorist activities against Israel and to recruit additional activists.

Abdullah and Adnan recruited Bassam Abu Dagma into the organization, for the purpose of carrying out the attack. Abdullah served as Bassam’s commander in the cell.

As part of the preparations for the attack, members of the cell located a suitable location for the attack near the perimeter fence, near Bassam’s land. The squad members also formulated an outline for laying explosives against IDF forces operating in the sector and recruited additional activists to their ranks.

Squad members underwent gun training to use weapons at the time of the attack, in which Abdullah did not take part, in light of a previous injury that prevented him from participating.

The squad worked to carry out the attack, while Abdullah tried to obtain a suitable charge from the organization. After several failed attempts to obtain the explosive device and shortly before the time of the attack, Bassam obtained an explosive device and a weapon to carry out the attack from the Islamic Jihad organization and carried it out together with other terrorist operatives, in an outline agreed with Abdullah and Adnan.


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