Wassenaarders.nl | Emergency ordinance August 10, 2020 – The Haaglanden region tightens up corona rules


All physical gatherings that would be held for the recruitment and introduction of students in the Safety Region Haaglanden (VRH) will be prohibited. This applies in MBO, HBO and WO.

An exemption is possible, but only if it meets specific conditions and there is permission from the educational institution or the VRH. In that case, the physical meeting must be aimed at study or sport, be small-scale and not take place between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Moreover, no alcohol should be consumed.

“More and more people are getting corona. We also see the number of infections increasing in the Haaglanden region. That is why the rules are being expanded and tightened, ”says deputy VRH chairman Francisca Ravestein, the mayor of Pijnacker-Nootdorp.

All food and beverage outlets in the Haaglanden region are obliged to make use of reservations (in advance or upon arrival), to ask visitors about their health, and to accompany them to their place. They must also ask their guests to make their contact details available for possible source and contact research by the GGD. These data may not be used for other purposes and can only be requested by the regional GGD. After 14 days, the relevant catering company must destroy these contact details.

Recreational establishments (such as catering establishments and amusement parks) where the GGD detects clusters of corona infections after source and contact research, will be closed by the Haaglanden Safety Region for a maximum of 14 days.

In addition to these stricter measures in the new emergency ordinance, local administrators impose additional measures regionally and locally, on top of the nationally applicable measures. This concerns, for example, measures in the field of crowd management and communication.

The (deputy) chairman makes her decisions as much as possible after consultation with the mayors of the other 8 municipalities within the security region (see: vrh.nl), as well as with the management of the emergency services (GHOR / GGD, police, fire brigade) and the chief officer. of Justice of the Public Prosecution Service. This consultation takes place within the Regional Policy Team.

The new Emergency Ordinance Security Region Haaglanden has been drawn up on the basis of the most recent instruction letter from the Ministers of Health, Welfare and Sport and Justice and Security and is published on the website of the Haaglanden Security Region.


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