Warzone contains a big hint to upcoming Call of Duty game


Players have found a big hint to the upcoming new Call of Duty game in Call of Duty: Warzone.

It was previously announced that Treyarch and Raven Software are working on the new Call of Duty. It is rumored to be a Black Ops game set during the Cold War. While the game has still not been officially revealed, Activision continues to hint at its existence. Now also via the popular battle royale game.

Warzone-streamer PrestigelsKey found a farm in zone H6 with a closed room in it. He cracked the code that locked the room and found televisions, a generator, a telephone, blueprints, and all sorts of other items. ‘Venona’ is also mentioned on a poster. The Venona Project was a true counterintelligence project used by the US between 1942 and 1980 to decipher messages from the Soviet Union. These details again seem to hint that the upcoming Call of Duty game is set during the Cold War.

It is still unknown when Activision will unveil the new Call of Duty game. As far as is known, the game should be released this fall. The video below shows how a player explores the room in the farm.


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