Warning of Finance Ministers – Economy


The heads of the Ministry of Finance have warned the government against the continuation of the coalition confrontation that prevents the transfer of the state budget. This was reported in News 12.

Senior officials have warned that Israel’s credit rating has fallen and this could have a critical impact on economic policy.

Economic accountant Roni Hezekiah said “We need to be careful. There is no government stability and no budget after three elections. Obviously when the rating companies arrive, it is an indicator of a negative forecast for downgrading.”

The fear is that the credit rating agencies will audit Israel at the end of August and decide to lower the credit rating of the State of Israel due to the fact that there is no approved budget, and also because the government has found a way around the fact that there is no approved budget.

The director general of the Ministry of Finance, the Turner Foundation, said in a discussion with the Prime Minister that she thinks there should be a broader discussion with the participation of all the top finance ministers and the Governor of the Bank of Israel regarding the possibility and danger of Israel’s debt rating falling.

It should be noted that the professional top of the Ministry of Finance supports the transfer of a biennial budget and not an annual budget.


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