Want to donate the “grant to every citizen”? A fund has been established to direct it to the needy


A group of businessmen is setting up the “Mutual Guarantee Fund” which will direct donations from the “grant to every citizen” funds that the state distributes and transfer them to those whose livelihoods were damaged in the corona crisis. Former Chief of Staff Gadi Izenkot has been appointed head of the fund’s advisory council. The fund has already collected donations amounting to more than NIS 1 million.

The distribution of the grants, in the amount of NIS 6.7 billion, is expected to begin today (Sunday). The program has been criticized on the grounds that the money will not necessarily reach those who need it. The fund now allows you to donate the money received in the bank account to anyone who is interested in doing so.

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The new initiative is promoted by Hemi Peres, Rami Klish, Ruthi Alon, Molly Aden, Imad Talhami, Doron Livnat and others, who are members of the “Giving Investors in the Community” organization. In addition, a number of companies and organizations such as Sodastream, Microsoft, Pitango, Applied Materials, Earth, Optimal, Orbotech, Perrigo, Nova and Babcom have announced that they will double the amount of money their employees donate.

The initiators of the fund have promised that the donations will be transferred in full directly to the victims of the crisis, and will be recognized for tax purposes. Donations will be managed in a transparent and controlled manner by a professional committee set up by the Matan organization and will be distributed directly to the people who need them.

Lt. Col. Gadi Izenkot Photo: Dana Koppel

The search will be conducted through the ambassadors of the mutual guarantee fund who are in the field and with officials who are exposed and know the new needy, and in collaboration with local authorities, social organizations and professional organizations, such as hotel associations, restaurants, artists and more.

The fund will not support cases that are already known to the welfare authorities, but only new cases of economic harm as a result of the corona crisis. The money will be transferred directly to the bank account or via purchase cards for those who are identified as needing immediate help. The fund’s activities will be published in real time on a dedicated website and will be accompanied on a voluntary basis by the law firm of Ernst & Young and the law firm of Meitar & Co.

Molly Aden Molly Aden Photo: Uriel Cohen

Former Intel Global Vice President Molly Aden: “We do not all need a giant to finish the month. There are those who really need it. It is not a political matter. It is a matter of national responsibility. If a child goes to kindergarten without a sandwich, I do not care if his father is right or Left. If a child returns from kindergarten, and does not have a hot meal, I do not care if his mother is religious or secular. If a family is thrown into the street because the rent check has returned, I do not care if it is a Jewish or Arab family. “Fairness and should not happen in any country, and certainly not in our country. A donation to the Israel Mutual Guarantee Fund will ensure that the money goes to a family that has been economically damaged by the corona.”

Ahuva Yanai, Matan Organization Ahuva Yanai, Matan Organization Photo: Amit Shabi

Hemi Peres, co-founder of the Pitango Venture Capital Fund and chairman of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, noted that “this is the time to realize the value of mutual guarantee, not only in words but also in deeds. Many Israelis came to turnips following the corona crisis and we must all mobilize to help them, along with state efforts. Every shekel counts and every donor is important – big or small, and we invite the public to donate as generously and to the extent of their ability. “Israeli society has always shown a spirit of giving in times of crisis and we are in a crisis that is far from over, but its damage is already very severe.”

Ahuva Yanai, CEO of Matan said: “Mutual guarantee is part of our vision and now in the days of Corona we feel a special responsibility. The donations, which will be received from the general public, will be managed by us in the process of allocating donations through an accompanying committee that we are currently establishing, with extensive representation for all sectors. The fund will be managed with transparency, control and close audit. We know that it is not possible to help everyone, but we will make every effort to help as much as possible. ”


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