Walloon club demands promotion at the expense of Flemish clubs: ‘Take all steps’


Whoever thought that after the draw of Waasland-Beveren it would be quiet again in Belgian football is disappointed. Now La Louvière is claiming promotion. RAAL wants to get a safe conduct to First National. It would prefer two Flemish clubs.

Eerste Nationale is the new name of Eerste Amateurs. A place has become available there after the promotion of Lierse Kempzonen. Currently three teams seem to be eligible for the place in N1. In addition to La Louvière, it concerns Mandel United and Bocholt.

RAAL now believes that it is entitled to promotion. “We have always been respectful since our return in 2017. We have never been difficult due to the health crisis. Promotion was still possible. Now, however, the club refuses potential injustice and demands a starting place for First National in the season 2020 – 2021 ‘, says the Walloon club.

“If the Pro League had opted for eighteen teams in the Jupiler Pro League a few months ago, La Louvière would undoubtedly have got its place in N1 and we are not talking about the licenses yet.” In addition, La Louvière points to the fact that it had more weighted points than the Flemish competitors and won a period championship in its division. “In any case, the club will take all necessary steps to assert its rights, you can be sure,” La Louvière concludes.


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