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The striker of the Betar Jerusalem youth team moves to the ranks of Hapoel Tel Aviv, as part of the transfer deal of Uriel Degani to the senior team from the capital.

The striker of the Betar Jerusalem youth team joins Hapoel Tel Aviv, as part of Ural Degani’s transfer to the senior team from the capital.

By: Uri Shamir – Website Editor

From red to yellow, from yellow to red. This is the story of the playing career of striker Zaid Conver, who moves from the ranks of the Betar Jerusalem youth team to Hapoel Tel Aviv, as part of the transfer of Uriel Degani from the ranks of the Hapoel Tel Aviv senior team to Betar Jerusalem.

Zaid Conver, born in the 2002 yearbook, who after three seasons in the eighth year of the Hapoel Jerusalem uniform moved to the second group of Betar Jerusalem and made a long journey with it until adolescence – when over the years he was considered an outstanding scorer in the team uniform, but during the season he was loaned to Hapoel Hadera and returned home. R. Jerusalem – after making 4 appearances in Hadera. Last season Zaid Conver scored one goal and he hopes that next season he will return with us, as was the case with the children and boys.

Ohad Beck – mental training in the Gush Dan and Jerusalem area

Every footballer dreams of bringing the high abilities he displays in training directly to the moment of truth on Saturday, because you already have talent, so what is missing? I am
Ohad Beck, The mental coach of the Hapoel Hadera alumni group, a mental coach who specializes in bringing the abilities from coaching to acting, about 8 years of experience as an actor and team member in the youth department of Betar Jerusalem, master in NLP and mental coach on behalf of the Open University. The elements that will bring you success: Build strong self-confidence, develop resilience to stress and fear of failures, and most importantly – we will reach together a breakthrough that you did not even dream of ascending.

For details and contact. Phone: 054-4968724. For recommendations from Betar Jerusalem players – Click here , To my youtube channel – Click here, To my Facebook channel –Click here, To my Instagram channel – Click here .

Youth - on, Zaid Conver red again


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