Waasland-Beveren suffers painful defeat, additional problem threatens


Waasland-Beveren was told last week that it can still remain in 1A and thus got its way after a long procedure battle. But there seems to be a tough fight ahead of the club next season to ensure retention, as they weren’t playing too well so far. On Tuesday they suffered another painful defeat.

On the Freethiel, Waasland-Beveren went into the boat against amateur club Knokke. The West Flemings won 0-2. Savaete opened the score before half-time, in the final phase De Kuyffer secured the victory completely. But much more worrying was the fact that Lucas Pirard had to be replaced injured halfway through the first half.

According to The last news it is not yet clear how serious the injury is, but for next weekend there is a problem for Nicky Hayen. After all, with the young Brent Gabriel he only has one goalkeeper left, because there is currently no third goalkeeper. So it could be a puzzle.

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