VVD wants owners of electric cars to pay half less parking money


The VVD has asked the city council to lower the parking rates and parking permits for electric cars.

Last month, sStientje van Veldhoven, pivotal secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, introduced a bill to make it possible for municipalities to give drivers of electric cars a ‘discount’ when parking. The Amsterdam party of the VVD has already argued for this before and therefore asked written questions about it again yesterday.

“The Amsterdam VVD prefers such a ‘positive’ incentive to ‘punishing’ diesel and petrol car owners,” states councilor Anne Marttin. She previously argued for a fifty percent reduction in parking fees and parking permits and wants the municipality to ‘work on this quickly’.

She wants to know from the city council if she also thinks that a reduction in costs will lead to more people buying an electric car. She also asks to find out how much discount is needed to convince residents and asks whether the city council is positive about the percentage of fifty percent.


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