Visitors complain about Efteling’s hustle and bustle: ‘People are standing there, irresponsible’


Because it was his 11-year-old daughter Liselotte, Edwin van Bruggen visited Efteling with his family. “I don’t like busy parks, especially with the corona. That’s why I called Efteling in advance to check whether sufficient measures had been taken,” says Edwin.

They were there, he was assured. “And the Efteling site also has a whole laundry list of measures. That’s why we went. My daughter was overjoyed.”


But once inside, Edwin was startled. “I only wanted one thing: turn around and go back home. It was that I couldn’t make that to my daughter.”

He continues: “It was so busy. Immediately upon entering I saw people standing on top of each other without observing the distance rule. I thought it was irresponsible.”

Hut cap

Edwin gives some examples. At the PiraƱa people stood on top of each other, without any supervision. “There were screens and arrows placed, but for example I saw no supervision at all in the rows. I asked people in front of and behind me so that our family was kept at a safe distance.”

It was also far too busy at a square full of eateries, says Edwin. “You really had to zigzag in between. It was impossible to keep a distance on that square. Here too I saw no supervision, only at the attractions themselves.”


There was enough detergent, but employees used it little. “The bottles were often not in convenient places, far from the attractions.”

Edwin sent an email to Efteling and the municipality of Loon op Zand. He has not received an answer yet.

This visitor is not the only one complaining. On social media, more people complain about crowds and the non-observance of the distance rules by Efteling visitors.

Comply with all rules

Efteling says in a response that it is ‘unfortunate and annoying’ that visitors have these experiences. The park emphasizes that all additional measures are met as required by the protocol.

“The photos of crowds that people share are snapshots. But of course it is not the image we like to see. We are sorry that the motivation to continue to comply with the corona rules is decreasing and that it sometimes does not go well,” says a spokesman for Efteling against RTL News.

Meet all requirements

The popular amusement park emphasizes that all requirements of the established protocol are met. Half of the normal visitor capacity is now welcome. The spokesperson does not want to say how many people this concerns.

“We have also built walking routes throughout the park to streamline the visit and we have extra employees walking around who keep an eye on the crowds. If things are not going well, they address visitors about their behavior.”

The park does not send people away. Efteling does appeal to visitors’ own responsibility.

No additional measures

Despite the extra measures, it does not always go well, the park also acknowledges. Isn’t it time for more measures, such as the introduction of mouth masks? Efteling does not want to know anything about it for the time being.

“We are satisfied with the measures we have taken. We meet all requirements. In general, things are also going very well.”

Municipality keeps an eye on it

When asked, the municipality of Loon op Zand, which includes Efteling, will keep a close eye on the situation in the park. “Municipal supervisors walk around almost every day to see whether people can keep a sufficient distance and whether the rules are being observed,” said a spokesperson.

“What you do see is that people sometimes deprive each other of that possibility by walking too much through the park. There seems to be corona fatigue in visitors.”

Too easy

Edwin thinks that’s too easy at the amusement park. “Efteling is primarily responsible for the visitors’ own responsibility. But the park will be able to take more measures itself, first of all by allowing fewer people.”

His daughter enjoyed a great day, but his family no longer goes there during corona times. “We are all still healthy and I believe it will remain that way. But if Efteling does not change its policy, we will not go again during the corona period.”


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