VIP Survival: Asi Bouzaglo stung Benny Baruchim


‘What annoyed you? I was annoyed that my son came up. I am in favor of self-awareness, this is the most important thing, “Asi Buzaglo said last night (Saturday) live, immediately after the episode of VIP Survival aired.”

The surviving footballer was a guest on the program that follows VIP survival and the same host, Yael Bar-Zohar, spoke about the crisis in his relationship with Baruchim and clarified: Surely those two victories plus a chain over my son can do us no good and yet I promoted him as much as I could. ‘

Asi Buzaglo, who watched the episode like the rest of us, saw how my son talked about him behind his back and did not like things, but still decided to apologize to him and gave him an important tip along the way: “My son, you know how much I love you and what I did for you in the game. You know I think self-awareness is the most important thing a person has and if you are really hurt I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I think in survival things go out of proportion, today you know I’m sick of you, ”Bouzaglo concluded in a good spirit and released a small spoiler ahead of the exciting tribal council that will air tonight.

“The most charged council there is going to be – all the options are open and there is a lot to wait for, I’m already waiting,” concluded Buzaglo, who welcomed the breach of the agreement between them, joining Jordan Jerby and Idan Habib and telling them: “If you lose this game, it’s just you “. On the face of it, Baruchim looks set to betray Buzaglo and his allies and oust Regev Hod tonight on the council, but trust the biggest strategist in the game who has a few more rabbits in his hat.


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