Violence in demonstrations: “Groups that provoked each other”


Protesters against Netanyahu, those photographed have nothing to do with the article (Photo: Tomer Namburg / Flash 90)

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court has decided to release under house arrest the two demonstrators suspected of attacking demonstrators in a demonstration that took place last night in Tel Aviv. Judge Anat Yahav: “These are two groups that provoked each other. I do not know who started and who returned.”

Two of the suspects, Maccabi Tel Aviv fans, were also removed from Tel Aviv for 15 days. Judge Einat Yahav accepted the defense’s position. Meanwhile, the police filed an indictment this morning against Felix Alive, 20, from Sderot, on charges Stabbing protester At a demonstration in the Gaza Strip last Saturday.

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Shai Skeller, a demonstrator who was stabbed during a demonstration (courtesy: The Black Flags)

At a hearing held today in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, a police representative asked for the suspects’ detention to be extended by 7 days. He noted that the protesters had been attacked. As stated, Judge Yahav released them under house arrest and said: “There is a reasonable suspicion that the offenses were committed. After reviewing the evidence and videos presented, I agree with the defense that these are two groups that provoked each other. I do not know who started and who returned and it does not matter. “The two groups clashed.”

The judge added: “By no means can a demonstration get out of hand and certainly not escalate into physical and verbal violence and I am not currently entering into the issue of whether the demonstration is lawful or legal. In any case, I condemn violent behavior, certainly one using cold or hot weapons.”

The suspects’ lawyer, Itamar Ben Gvir, said at the end of the hearing: “I am satisfied with the court’s decision that made it clear to the police that there is no one for leftists and two for right-wingers. During the hearing I showed the judge videos of young beating anarchists. “Against the young people. I am glad that at the end of the day my client was released and calls on everyone to lower their flames, but I will not let young people, the salt of the earth, fall into the army in front of anarchists who stir and stir the spirits.”

Meanwhile, the police announced that another suspect, a resident of Tel Aviv, recently arrested in connection with assault and violation of public order events was arrested last Tuesday. The police investigation is ongoing and further arrests are expected.

Police said they would continue “locating those who were involved in the violent incidents during the demonstration and will bring them to justice.”

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