Villages object to visible foundations of turbines of the N33 wind farm


Village cooperatives in East Groningen want to know if the developers of Windpark N33 have gone out of their way with the construction of clearly visible foundations under 35 turbines.

The two Village Cooperatives of Ommelanderwijk and Meeden and the Vereniging Dorpsbelangen Westerlee assumed that the foundations would be poured underground and not 2.5 meters above ground level. They base themselves on the drawings in the integration plan. They have asked the municipalities of Veendam, Midden-Groningen and Oldambt to investigate whether or not the foundations of Windpark N33 may be so clearly visible in the landscape.

,,It looks bad. In our opinion, it is also contrary to the agreements. The foundation would be removed less conspicuously, ” says Bernard Stikfort on behalf of the three villages that have united in the DorpenAlliantie Oost-Groningen. “Nowhere does it say that foundations should be above ground level.”

The villages also argue that if villagers and private persons move a window a few centimeters, contrary to a building permit, this will result in a building freeze. The DorpenAlliantie believes that this should also apply to large project developers in the event of a deviation.

Municipalities have complaints investigated by villages

Councilor Henk Jan Schmaal of the municipality of Veendam confirms the complaint. “We will have this sorted out by the Groningen Environment Service (ODG). If there has been a violation of the agreements, this service will touch the project developer who has eight turbines from Windpark Vermeer N33 South and Center in our municipality. Turbines elsewhere in the wind farm are also being considered. ”

Schmaal is not convinced beforehand that the project developer has made a mistake. “When I lit up internally at the municipality, an official said that the image in the plan and the text can be interpreted in different ways. Before I make firm statements, we await ODG’s advice. ”

At the request of Midden-Groningen, Veendam and Oldambt, this service will monitor whether agreements and rules are being complied with during the construction of Windpark N33. “We assume that specialists from the environmental service will take a critical look at this. After all, they are not gazebos that are put there, ” says Schmaal.

Village cooperative Ommelanderwijk focuses on the four turbines between Noorderweg and Zuidwending, east of the Vosseveld. And on the four windmills between Dalweg 12 and 36 at the Wildervanksterdallen. The colleagues in Meeden and Westerlee are offended by the 27 foundations north of the villages.

Wind farm N33 falls under the national coordination scheme. That is why the ministry has also sounded the alarm. The transport of turbines and the construction of the wind farm at Meeden and Veendam are in full swing. Project developers RWE Renewables, Yard Energy and Blaaswind are building 35 turbines, each with a capacity of three to five megawatts. The foundations are 2.5 meters above ground level. Each turbine is 200 meters high.

‘Design foundation has been approved’

RWE manager Jan Boorsma explains that at the time of the integration plan it was not known which type of turbine would be built. “After the turbine was chosen, a design for the foundation was made. The drawing was part of the permit approved by the Authority. ”

According to Boorma, the fact that the foundation protrudes above ground level has a clear reason. “The groundwater level in the area is so high that part of it would be submerged if we dig too deep holes. The bottom would then crack. To prevent this, it was decided to limit the excavation work and to put part of the foundation above the ground. ”


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