Viewers De Slimste Mens start crowdfunding for Maarten


In the 3-6-9 round, the answer to one of the questions was karaoke. Philip could not resist making a nice request to the one-member jury. “Maarten, how much money do we have to collect to hear you sing a karaoke song here?” The answer is not that bad for the presenter. Maarten: “10,000 euros.”

Philip: Well, that should be possible. A bit of crowdfunding, yes. We’ll stick to that.

You don’t have to tell the loyal supporters of The smartest person. Philip’s request has been picked up several times on Twitter and several donation campaigns have even been started to see Maarten sing in a broadcast. In the episode of The smartest person on Thursday, August 13, 2020, Philip Freriks asked Maarten how much it would cost to have him sing a karaoke song. He replied with 10,000 euros. According to Philip, it was a piece of cake to start a crowdfunding. So here it is … Let’s do it!

The fanatic Twitterers also find it a playful action.


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