Vettel full of questions after poor British GP, Leclerc surprises with podium


21:03 – Sebastian Vettel is full of questions after a disappointing race at Silverstone, where he once again couldn’t make a fist with the Ferrari SF1000. In the other pit box of the Italian brand, the atmosphere is noticeably better: Charles Leclerc counts his blessings after an unexpected podium in the British Grand Prix.

While Leclerc can have champagne, Vettel has to settle for the last point. The German left tenth at Silverstone and came an hour and a half later in the same place despite malheur for Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz. Obviously, it is not satisfied for a four-time world champion. “The car was very difficult to drive today,” grumbles the Heppenheim man afterwards.

“I struggled to find confidence in the car and I don’t really know what it is. We have to take a good look at it. I was really struggling from start to finish, so something is wrong”, the Ferrari routine with more questions than answers. “I actually had no chance to do anything. In fact, others were faster and could overtake me. It was already difficult to keep the car on the track. Whether it was physically difficult? No, because I couldn’t really attack the car for a moment. It just wasn’t there. ”

Leclerc takes a chance with ‘too slow’ Ferrari
In that respect, Leclerc was better off with the SF1000. The Monegask captured its second podium in four races with an inferior car, a wonder of God. Although he was helped by Bottas, he also defended himself bravely. “When I heard that Valtteri had a problem with his tires, I took it slower myself. We were lucky in that respect. But if I look at ourselves purely, we have achieved maximum performance. I am very happy with the way in which I could manage tires and also quite happy with the balance of the car. In terms of speed, we are of course not yet where we want to be, but we have at least tackled a great opportunity today. ”

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