Vertonghen to admire in the Ghelamco?


Jan Vertonghen has (almost completely) taken hold of his new employer. It won’t be Serie A, La Liga or any new Premier League club for Super Jan. The Portuguese Benfica does.

Despite the fact that the Portuguese league is not credited with the biggest competitions in Europe, the name of Benfica nevertheless sounds like a clock. The Portuguese also have ambition in Europe every year, although that is more often for the final win in the Europa League.

However, their European adventure usually starts in the Champions League. That may also be the case this year. Soon Benfica will continue as seed in the third heat of the Champions League. Which immediately means that Vertonghen can soon be admired in the Ghelamco Arena. If AA Gent survive its second heat, it could play against Benfica.

POLL: Will it come to that?


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