Verstappen: “Progress, but it is not yet how I want”


7:30 – Max Verstappen had a better start to the Formula 1 weekend at Silverstone on Friday than he had expected in advance. The updates that have taken Red Bull into the fourth race of the season have made progress. But the team is not there yet. Especially in the slow corners, the racing stable from Milton Keynes still lacks time, says Verstappen.

Verstappen kicked off the weekend of the Grand Prix of Great Britain on Friday with the fastest time in the first practice. In the second practice session, the Dutchman was unable to set a fast lap time, thanks to Romain Grosjean, who drove in the road, but with his 1.27.422 clocked earlier in the day, he still had the third day time.

In an interview for Ziggo Sport program Formula 1 Coffee Verstappen confirmed that progress has been made with the RB16: “Progress, yes, but it is not yet how I want. Especially the slow corners. We are still a bit short there. But it was better.” The high temperatures on the first day played Red Bull in the map, although the wind did not make driving easy. The conditions may be less in favor of Verstappen and co during the rest of the weekend. “Saturday will be a completely different day,” says the eight-time Grand Prix winner. “It is getting colder and the wind is turning in a different direction. It is quite funny that we are talking about the wind, but these cars are so sensitive to the wind. How the wind is can therefore make a lot of difference. That anyway applies to the temperature. Of course I would have liked it to be so warm on Saturday, because then Mercedes is just a bit slower. In the heat they can not put as much power. ”

Nevertheless, it was a positive start to the weekend for Red Bull. “Yes, absolutely,” agrees Verstappen. “Much better than expected.” Verstappen thinks he could have made a shot for the fastest time in the second practice, if Grosjean had looked a bit better in his mirrors. “We could certainly have gone for the first place, but I was not yet completely satisfied with the balance, so we still have to work on that. But as I said, we have a completely different day on Saturday. So you can now certain things will solve, but then you will go out tomorrow and the weather is not correct. So you have to anticipate a bit. ”

At the beginning of the day, Verstappen complained about the on-board radio about two foam lumps on his headrest. “Alex drives it, but I always lean into corners with my head. That’s just my style,” said Verstappen, who then said that these additions were not supposed to be on his headrest. “They wanted to try it with me a few times, but this was a mistake. I drove out and immediately was like: what is this? I really can’t drive it. It really doesn’t work, because it feels in the curves like my head is stuck. ”

In the second practice, fewer laps were planned than planned, but steps were taken in the right direction. “In the beginning I was not happy with the balance, so you have to go in to have the car adjusted. Then I went out on the soft tire and I was stopped once and after that we had the red flag of course [voor een crash van Alex Albon]. So that was not ideal, “said Verstappen about the moments that contributed to him being only fourteenth in the times list at the end of the practice session.” Then we wanted to drive out again for a long run but then they were at the front forgot to fix something, with the roll bar. So I had to go back inside. Then everything has to open again at the front and that just takes a while. Not ideal, but in the end we went out on the medium tires and that went quite well in itself. ”

At noon Dutch time, Verstappen and the nineteen other Formula 1 drivers return to the track to complete the third free practice session for the British Grand Prix.

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