Verstappen positive: “Introduced updates seem to work”


Max Verstappen was anything but happy with his car in Hungary, but in Britain everything seems a lot brighter. The updates brought by Red Bull Racing seem to be working. “All in all a positive day,” said Verstappen.

During the first triple header of the season, the balance of the RB16 was certainly not in order, but in Great Britain this problem seems to be largely solved. Red Bull introduced a lot of new parts at Silverstone and these seem to have the desired effect. Although Verstappen was still looking for grip in the front during the first free practice sessions and teammate Alexander Albon lost his rear end and crashed, the Limburger is still very positive about the changes made. “The introduced updates seem to work, I am happy with that,” he said afterwards.

During the first practice session, Verstappen drove the fastest time, but in the second practice he did not get further than the fourteenth position. Still, the 22-year-old driver is absolutely not worried. “No, because I was blocked on the softs during my fast lap (by Grosjean) and therefore had to cancel that round,” he says. That Verstappen was hindered by Grosjean was clearly not to his liking. Over the board radio he reacted furiously to the driver of Haas, who also received a number of hand gestures from the Dutchman.

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Grosjean did not like the Verstappen outburst and told his engineer about the onboard radio that he thought the Red Bull driver’s reaction was ‘childish’. When Verstappen was asked what he thought of Grosjean’s words after the training, he did not want to waste too many words on this. “In the end, it doesn’t really matter at this stage. It is important that it was not a bad day for us,” he said.


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