Verstappen on comparison with Schumacher: “I am a different driver”


According to Ross Brawn, Max Verstappen reminds him in many ways of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. The Dutchman himself, however, remains very down-to-earth under that comparison and indicates that he ‘is just himself.’

Michael Schumacher is one of the most successful and best-known Formula 1 drivers of all time. The German won everything there was to win for years and has set many records in his career. Today many of his records are broken by Lewis Hamilton, who is also incredibly successful and dominant. Still, that does not mean that Schumacher was an incredibly talented driver, who performed an awful lot. It is therefore very special to be compared to the legendary driver. Ross Brawn is of the opinion that he sees a lot of Schumacher in Max Verstappen, but the latter does not entirely agree.

“Max was just sensational at Silverstone. He reminds me of Michael Schumacher in many ways. When you listen to his on-board radio, you can hear that he clearly has extra capacity,” Brawn writes in his column. “The limit of the car is not Max Verstappen’s limit. He feels the subtlety of the car and responds perfectly to it.” According to the technical director, it was clear early on that Verstappen was fast, but he has since grown into an exceptional driver. “I loved his on-board radio, especially when he said he didn’t want to ‘ride like a grandma’ when the team asked him to save his tires. It shows immense confidence and a very strong relationship within the team.”

Brawn compared Verstappen to the legendary Michael Schumacher, but that makes no difference to Verstappen. “That is of course great fun, but I don’t like to compare myself to others,” Verstappen said opposite CNN. “I am myself and I am a different driver. Of course you can always have a comparative attitude or you can be compared to someone. But I never do that myself, I am myself,” said Verstappen.


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