Verstappen maximizes with P3: ‘Mercedes is far too fast’


“The round itself at the end of Q3 was quite good,” said Verstappen afterwards. “But you could see early in qualifying that Mercedes was much too fast. Actually, the last three races were already the case. You just have to accept that and try to do it as best as possible.”

With his third starting position, Verstappen has in any case provided himself with a better starting position than two weeks ago in Hungary, where he had to start the race in seventh place: “With the third place I am quite satisfied, especially after Hungary. To be third here to leave is certainly a good start. ”

Opportunities in the race

In Hungary, after a good start, Verstappen managed to beat the second Mercedes from Bottas and finish second. Whether he will be able to mix with the Mercedes again at Silverstone or whether they will also be in a class of their own in the race, Verstappen does not yet know: “The race is always a different story, then it is automatically closer together. I say not that I will fight them, but from the third starting position you have at least a chance to do that. ”


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